Time Management Secrets for Aspiring Yoga Teachers (So you build your yoga teacher career more quickly!)

How do you manage your time as an aspiring yoga teacher? 

Do you ever get to the end of a week (or heaven forbid a month!) and realise the stuff you know you wanted to get done to help you build your yoga teacher career somehow didn't happen?  

The truth is, we can all find time runs away with us. Sometimes it’s because some of the things we may have to do are a little bit scary – or we’re uncertain how to go about it; but whatever the reason, you can be sure that inaction is costing you dearly in terms of growing and developing your yoga teacher career. 

Running a smooth business requires you are systematic; you are consistent, and you get the things done which are needed to keep the wheels turning, the income coming in, and your yoga business grows.


Here's 2 tips I've learned from my mentors over the years which have worked for me.  

    This is a really simple concept – but incredibly powerful in terms of helping you build momentum in your business. 
    The idea is – you set aside 90 minutes every working day when you will work ON your business, as opposed to IN it. NO distractions! Be sure you are where you will not be disturbed! Turn off your phone and e-mail. Commit to complete focus for those 90 minutes. 
    You work ONLY on the tasks which will help GROW your existing business – so it has to be things like: 
    * Working on your niche – so you can be clear for your marketing/advertising 
    * Writing copy for some advertising 
    * Finding a new space to run classes 
    * Working on new courses to attract new students 
    * Finding teachers to teach additional classes at your studio 
    This is NOT a time for general bookkeeping, admin or preparation for teaching students you already have. This HAS to be tasks which quite clearly will help you bring in MORE business. 

The clever thing about this is, if you actually implement the 90 minute secret, over 5 days you will have done a minimum of 7 and ½ hours over that week! That’s the equivalent of a full day completely focused on your business!

If I actually asked you to spend a full day you would never do it! (Neither would I!!) But is 90 minutes do-able? I think so! 
And never again will you get to the end of the week and feel bad because you think you’ve done nothing to really move your yoga teacher career forward. Instead you’ll feel good – because you have taken time to focus – and you know what? You’ll build momentum too!! Because, as I found, once you start, some days if you have the time, you find yourself working for longer than the 90 minutes – and  stuff gets done!!  
Give the 90 minute secret a try! 

    Just do a search for https://toggl.com  
    I’ve been using this clever little tool for a couple of years now – and it’s magic! Why? 
    You set up the “projects” you want to work on first. Things that you have to do in your business and things you know are important to do so you might have things like I have such as: 
    Teaching time 
    Class preparation 
    Class admin 
    Working on my business!!! (Your 90 minutes!)  
    Then whenever you are working you start the timer in Toggl; choose the project it comes under, start the timer and off you go! When you finish, you stop the timer and Toggl records what you’ve done to the second! 
    The beauty of this is that – at the end of a day, week or month (or longer!) you can ask it to give you a report of how you’ve spent your time and in seconds it will spew up a graph and a complete breakdown of how much tie you spent on each of the projects you have in your system – so you will be able to see at a glance how much time you spent prepping for classes, or doing e-mail, or social media – or whatever else is on your list. 
    Sometimes it can be sobering to see how much time you’ve wasted! Or how little time you actually gave to working ON your business! But that’s good. Because then you can do something about it! 

So there you have it. Try these two simple, but highly effective tools to help you manage your time more wisely, and build your yoga teacher career more quickly! 

Good luck!  Let me know how you get on! 



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