Are you ready to go online with your yoga teaching? Take this checklist and find out!

How to turn your passion for yoga into a career and business you love - even in challenging times....

Right now it's tough being a yoga teacher.

Maybe your income dried up overnight from teaching. Maybe you were just getting started and had no chance to build your classes and experience.

Maybe you tried to do what everyone and the world was saying - and tried to run classes online, but the results were disappointing.

The truth is, a large number of teachers struggle with generating steady income when the world is normal! Keeping a consistent, steady income coming in during a pandemic just adds a whole new burden.

At 68, I moved my classes online in March, and had over 100 students sign up for my offerings. Three months later and I'm still generating a steady income teaching just 4 classes a week online. 

It can be done. 

But there needs to be certain things in place for it to work.

And that's what this checklist helps you understand.

Eleanor Roosevelt said: "Start from where you are with what you've got."

Most yoga teachers  who are struggling are struggling because they're either missing some key ingredients that need to be in place to successfully transition online; or they're trying to run before they can walk: spending "busy" hours  writing blogs; on social media or devising an online course they find no-one wants to buy...... 

So if any of this resonates for you - find out what you might be missing with this checklist. If you have an "aha" moment...let me know!

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