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Download Your 13 Point Checklist for Launching Your First Yoga Classes

How to turn your passion for yoga into a career and business you love

If you're reading this right now chances are you're into yoga! It may have made a real difference in your life - and you're thinking you'd like to deepen your skills and help others get the benefits it's brought you.

Whether you're just thinking about doing your yoga teacher training, you're already qualified, or you've been teaching a while, but it's not turning out quite how you'd hoped, you've come to the right place. Here you'll find support to help you answer three questions I find many yoga teachers or prospective yoga teachers frequently ask themselves:

  1. How could I actually generate the income I'd like and need using my yoga skills?
  2. Could I give up my job and do this full time?
  3. How can I turn this passion for yoga into something sustainable and profitable?

I'm here to say it's possible - at 66, and with a thriving yoga teaching business which I am continuing to develop, I know it's possible. This is where you can find out the answers to those questions - and a whole lot more.

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