Courses To Help You To Develop Your Yoga Teaching into a Rewarding Career

30 Days to 30K Yoga Teacher Programme

This course will show you how to generate between £1500 and £4000 per month as a yoga teacher; in less than a year; with no “icky” selling, and teaching no more than 9 classes a week.

There are 4 modules with video training, workbooks and hundreds of dollars worth of bonuses.

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How to Create Retreats and Workshops That Sell Out


3 steps to adding successful workshops or retreat days to your yoga business.


* Step 1: Planning: Sell out first time.
5 mistakes you'll learn to avoid!

7 Key factors to ensure you fill your retreat or workshop, including how to price for profit, and how to  write copy that really "sells" your retreat

* Step 2: Creating an amazing experience
-A beginner's guide to "wowing" your students.

Countdown to launch checklist

* Step 3: Onward and upwards: Post retreat
Simple strategies to maximise your profit and pre-sell 
your next retreat or workshop.