Why Standing Out from Other Yoga Teachers isn’t that Hard! (3 tips to help you work out your unique selling points!)

Do you ever find yourself wondering how on earth you’ll ever stand out from all the other yoga teachers in your area? 

Do you ever feel it’s going to be a challenge filling your classes when the teacher down the road has been going for longer than you and seems to have it all organised? 

If you’ve ever learned anything about trying to set up a business of your own, you’ll most likely have learned about the importance of a USP (unique selling point).  

All business advice, from whatever source will say – “you need to know what differentiates you from everyone else!” 
And at that point you may find yourself panicking!  
Thinking, I’m just another yoga teacher.” 

The truth is, I’ve found, it’s actually not as hard as you might think, to see how what you offer might be different to any other yoga teacher. 

So, if you’re struggling with this right now here’s 3 things I hope might help.  

  1. Not all prospective yoga students want the same thing from a yoga class! 
    Actually, what they are looking for are certain criteria AND a certain type of experience. They will choose the teacher and class which fits most of those criteria.  
    And the perfect match will be when what YOU offer, most closely matches THEIR criteria!! 
    Know this: NO one teacher can meet every prospective yoga student’s criteria!! Which is where you may have an advantage over the yoga teacher down the road. 
    So how does that work? Well, let’s look at this more closely.  

  1. Common criteria prospective yoga students are looking for include:
    Convenience: how far will they have to travel to get to you? (But don’t assume students will not travel further if you fulfil some of their other criteria!) 
    Times and days availability: do they have any flexibility or do they only want evenings or day times?  
    Price: yes, this is a factor – but as with convenience, never assume you have to be the same price or lower than a yoga teacher nearby. People will pay more for a service and a teacher which meets more of their “experience” criteria. 
    Likes the teacher/style: Students who are looking right now for classes in your area are looking for the “right fit” as part of their criteria – whether they know it yet or not! 
    If you can get across your personality and what prospective students can expect from your classes, they’ll be able to make better choices about where they go. 
    The overall “experience” they have in class
    This can be hard to define – but can include such things as: 
    a) They feel like they “fit in”.
    And don’t feel “out of place” in your class, because of age, level of ability or any other reason. 
    b) They feel welcomed
    From how you welcome new starters, to knowing the names of regular students, and even remembering a little about something they’ve told you – all makes them feel this is more than just some rote gym style class.  
    c) You offer little “touches” which differentiate you and look professional
    What can you offer which just makes the experience with you feel a little different? 
    For example, I write a monthly newsletter (hard copy NOT via e-mail!) which, as far as I know, no other yoga teacher in my area does.I have a very specific “induction” process for students – with information for them to take away, rather than just turning up for a session, a brief hello and nothing else! I offer an “online” support are for students who become regular members.  
    What could you offer? 

  1. Understand YOU are your USP!
    Bear with me for a moment on this.  
    There is no-one like you. You are unique! Whatever brought you to yoga may well be what will bring your prospective students to yoga. 
    Over recent months, I’ve spoken to dozens of yoga teachers – and I always ask them: what brought you to yoga. Here’s some of the answers I’ve heard:
    My fiancé died of cancer, 6 months before we were due to be married. Yoga helped me cope. 
    I came to this country in search of a better life; but it was a struggle. I joined a yoga class – and not only did it help me physically, it gave me a sense of community and friendship. 
    was struggling with anxiety and depression; in a job I hated. Yoga helped me relax, reflect and make positive changes to my life. 
    I just wanted to get fit – I loved the look of this graceful, vigorous flowing movement and thought yoga looked like an interesting way of doing it. What I got was SO much more.  
    My kids had grown, I split up from a long standing relationship and I wanted to do something for me for once. Yoga not only helped me stay fit as I get older but it has given me a sense of purpose again. 

These teachers’ experiences are powerful . 
More importantly, there will be prospective students for whom their story resonates. Who will read it on a website, or listen to that teacher speak, or visit a one off class – and come away feeling like they are understoodThat somehow, they have an affinity for that teacher and the way they do things. 

No-one else can replicate that quite like you can. 

So, get clear on your “story” 
Get clear about which criteria your classes will fill 
Then look for students who are most likely to be attracted to those criteria and that story!  

Good luck!  Let me know how you get on!



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Christine Pitt - May 15, 2019

Some very valid points. Thank you.

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