Why Researching Other Yoga Teachers Messes With Your Self Confidence

Research can mess with your self confidence

One of my recent Yoginior blog posts was about the importance of doing your research (or "due diligence") before you invest a penny in building a yoga career. (If you've not read it - I seriously suggest you do!)

It's the first step ANY serious yogi should take before they do anything - and whilst it may take a little time, down the line it will save you time, energy and money.

One piece of research you'll almost certainly do is to find out what other yoga teachers are doing, both locally and elsewhere.

There's NO doubt that’s a good idea.

You can suss out websites, get ideas, find out what others charge and get a feel for their approach - all of which can help you think about how you position yourself in the marketplace.

But, researching what other yoga teachers are doing should come with a health warning which reads:
"Doing this will mess with your self-confidence!"

Because the likelihood is - it will!

Take me for example.

I've just spent 10 hours researching what comes up for certain keywords on Google searches - and spent quite a bit of that time investigating websites of other yoga teachers or yoga teacher support sites and ended up thinking I'm useless!

Because when you start looking at others - you start comparing yourself with them.

And so many of them seem so much further on than you.

Your heart sinks. Fear rises.

Next thing you know - boom! You're feeling completely rubbish - intimidated and overwhelmed by how far behind it seems you are.

These teachers are so good! They've got their act together. How on earth can you compete with that?

Stop right there! Tame that gremlin!

For a start, remember every single one of those yoga teachers started where you are right now - with nothing but a passion for yoga and a yoga teaching certificate!

The ONLY difference between those yoga teachers and you is:

1. They developed a clarity of vision about how they wanted to bring their own style and skills to their yoga teaching.
(And, you can bet your life it took some soul searching, some research and a LOT of thought to get to where they are now. And if you spoke to them, they'll tell you it was a tricky journey).

2. They were willing to hone their marketing skills.
They realised, as you will, that if you really want to do anything sustainable with your yoga teaching in the future, you WILL have to embrace marketing. Without it - I don't care how brilliant a yoga teacher you are - you're probably better than me - and those teachers you're seeing in your research - but if the students you need to reach don't know that - how can they find you?

3. They were able to tame their own inner gremlin.
The truth is, if you want people to know about your great teaching skills you HAVE to get over yourself! Put your head above the parapet.
Get used to people saying "no" or not being interested in your vision or your classes (And know that if they're not, they weren't the right students for you anyhow). Be you. Your students will appreciate that.

But most of all, know you need to start where you are; with what you've got.
And just keep putting one foot in front of the other.

And one day - you'll be where they are - or further!

Do your research - but don't let it stop you from moving forward to your ideal yoga career or business.



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