Why Promoting Your Yoga Style Won’t Fill Your Classes – And What You Can Do That Will!

Why Promoting Your Yoga Style Won't Fill Your Classes – And What You Can Do That Will!

Are you wanting to launch your own yoga classes outside of a yoga studio or gym so you can promote your yoga style, build your own “tribe” and earn more for your efforts?

Or, maybe you’ve already tried to run your own classes – you hired the space, bought some props, set up a website, did some flyers and tried other ways of marketing – but got a disappointing trickle of students, some of which didn’t come back the following week.

Maybe you’re struggling to cover the hall costs, never mind anything else, and there’s certainly little left to pay yourself for all of your hard work. Your initial enthusiasm has changed to disappointment, frustration and your confidence takes a knock.

I’d like to share why I believe if you want to attract lots of students to any yoga classes you run, you need to do 2 things:

  • 1
    Stop telling people what style of yoga you teach! (There is a caveat to this – before you panic, read on!).
  • 2
    Get clear on who your classes are for and what benefits they will bring to those who attend.

I don’t mean you don’t have to explain what style you teach if a student asks – you can even put it somewhere in your blurb on your website – but DON’T make it the focus of any of your promotion.

Here’s how to attract (and keep by the way too!) more students from the start:

Understand your students don’t really come to yoga for the yoga!
They come to yoga because they want to achieve something they think yoga might help – and, more importantly, because of how yoga makes them FEEL.

Think about it: when YOU first decided to try out a yoga class – what was it that motivated you to go?

Why did YOU start?

Did you choose any classes you didn’t enjoy? Why didn’t you enjoy them?

How did the classes you loved make you FEEL? What did they give you?

‘Cos right there is the answer to what you REALLY wanted when you turned up on the mat.

You didn’t want yoga per se – you wanted what yoga GAVE you.

And every other student has their answer to those questions too – and those answers are what you’re providing.

Want to teach hot yoga? Ask some students what it was that attracted them to it – and why they keep coming.

Want to teach Ashtanga or Vinyasa flow? Ask the same questions!

I teach predominantly Hatha and Vinyasa flow – with some restorative and Yin thrown in!



My students want to ease aches and pains; to stave off the ageing process; to be able to hear me because they have hearing issues! They want to go at a slower pace; to have a little more reassurance/direction; NOT to feel out of place next to some bendy 30 something! And many of my tribe actually like to feel a sense of community.


So get clear about what you love teaching most – and why people would feel comfortable in your classes – and promote that!

Save explaining you teach Kundalini for those who are savvy – or who ask!



Actions you can take:

  • Need more help?
    Access a simple worksheet I’ve put together to help you think this through. (Your student avatar - what does your ideal student look like?).
    Do this simple step and you’ll be FAR clearer about WHO you want to teach – and what the benefits will be. (PS: Doing this will make writing any adverts or copy for your website SO much simpler!!).
  • Tell us what your experience has been when you explain to people what you do/teach? Join our Yoginiors Facebook Page and share your thoughts on this article and your own experience and get additional tips and answers to any questions you have on this or any topic around building your yoga business and developing your yoga career.
  • Check out another article: Do You Tell The World You Can Teach Yoga To Anyone? Think Again!!”  Here I share the benefits of “niching” and why  it will increase your attraction to students, not weaken it!

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Samantha Lavery - March 29, 2019

This is one of the best advice I’ve been given and I’m certainly going to try these techniques over next few weeks. Thank you

    wpadmin - April 24, 2019

    Thank you Samantha!
    Do let me know how you get on with your actions! I love action takers!
    And join our Business Community if you’re not already in it – you can find more ideas and support in there too!
    link is: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1950189005194801/

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