Do You Tell The World You Can Teach Yoga To Anyone? Think Again!!

Do You Tell The World You Can Teach Yoga To Anyone? Think Again!!

Do you think you can teach anyone yoga as you build your yoga business?

If you advertise what you do – whether that’s verbally or through any other media, do you say anyone can come to your classes?

I believe, if you really want to be a successful, and thriving yoga teacher, with full classes and people seeking you out – this is a BAD idea!!

Let me tell you why.

Before I started my yoga business, I developed a coaching business. I needed a LOT of help with the marketing – which, quite frankly, I was rubbish at! I promoted my coaching to anyone and everyone! I believed that if I tried to narrow down the people I was best at serving, I would lose business.

And then I started getting mentoring……and my whole outlook changed. My mentor taught me this phrase which I’ve NEVER forgotten:

Trying to promote yourself to everyone – you will attract NO-ONE!

It was a BIG lesson! And I was afraid I would lose potential business. But it turns out – she was right! (Which, by the way, was why she was so successful!! Message right there then!)

So I niched.

And my business grew!

Now, as a yoga teacher, I have a VERY clear niche. I teach Yoga over 45.

Says what it does on the tin! No lack of clarity there for anyone who hears me speak, rings me up, reads my website, newsletters – articles – or quite frankly anything I put out there.

Here’s my take on the benefits of niching:

  1. Writing copy becomes SO much easier!
    I know and understand my students – and what brings them to my classes. I know they don’t care what style of yoga they’re being taught – what they care about is staving off the aches and pains; finding the flexibility they’re losing;  turning up to a class where they aren’t surrounded by bendy youngsters and feeling totally out of place – AND THIS IS WHAT I PROMOTE.

  2. I’m teaching what and who I love the most!
    Truth is – I’m NOT a fan of hot yoga; power yoga; Ashtanga yoga – it’s just not me! I’m no spring chicken! The reasons I do yoga are the same reasons they do – I accept I have to grow old – I DON’T accept I have to grow infirm!! I tell them this! And it resonates!
    And they appreciate the spiritual side of yoga too.

  3. My students feel they’ve found the right “fit” for them.
    They are in a like minded crowd. They don’t feel useless/left out/that they can’t do yoga because of the way I teach. They come back! Some to more than one class a week! And they tell their friends who come too!

  4. Teaching some students can be a right pain!
    If you’ve ever tried to run a class with a 20 something competitive sort who wants to do the show horse, instead of work horse poses – with a 50 something beginner – you’ll know what a nightmare that is from a teaching perspective!

    You just can’t win! And I’ve learned there are some students who I just find hard work! Truly – I’d rather they find someone who is a far better fit for them than me – then we’ll both be happy!

And here’s the truth is the more specific you get – the fuller your classes will become!

Here are some things I’ve learned:

  1. Whilst you narrow your target market – the yoga market itself is growing
    So don’t worry that there won’t be enough students.

    Yes – there are some target markets which are more receptive than others AND who have the money to pay for yoga classes, but start thinking about this from the beginning and you’ll reap the rewards. (Thinking about which market you focus on is the subject of other resources)

  2. I turn students away!
    Well – not exactly! I use it as an opportunity to re-direct them to other yoga teachers I’ve made a point of getting to know locally – who I think might be a better fit for them.
    It’s good for collaboration with my peers, and it’s far better for the students. I just want them all to know there is a yoga style and teacher that is right for them – I don’t care who they do it with – as long as they do it!!

  3. Just because you niche now doesn’t mean you can’t widen it later
    No one is saying you have to choose a niche and then you can’t go back! Of course you can! Never say never!

    As your target market expands, there’s no reason why you can’t start other classes for a different niche – just make sure the copy and way you promote those classes is structured differently – to appeal to that different group.

Actions you can take:

  • Need more help?
    Check out the FREE resources page on this site to access a simple worksheet I’ve put together to help you think this through. (Finding your yoga niche)
    Do this simple step and you’ll be FAR clearer about WHAT you want to teach – and what the benefits will be. (Link to NICHE exercise in Free resources)
  • Tell us what your experience has been when you explain to people what you do/teach? Join our FB group; share your thoughts on this article and your own experience and get additional tips and answers to any questions you have on this or any topic  around building your yoga business and developing your yoga career.
    (Becki – add link to FB group)

  • Check out another article: “Why promoting the style of yoga you teach won’t fill your classes – and what will!”  and learn how to get REALLY clear on your target market!

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