Why writing a newsletter can grow your tribe, their loyalty and your income!

I write a newsletter!

Every month!

But it’s NOT sent as an e-mail! Let me tell you why….

There are two main challenges ANY business has – whether it’s a yoga teacher business or anything else:

  1.  Getting enough clients/students
  2. Keeping those clients/students!

It’s also a truism that keeping students is easier and less expensive than finding new ones.

So once I get a new student come to me, I work hard to try to make them feel they want to come back, again and again.

Now there’s all sorts of ways you can do that – I’ve got quite a few strategies I employ to be honest which I teach in my 30 days to 30K as a yoga teacher coaching programme. But one of those strategies is writing a newsletter.

Maybe you do too? Or you’ve seen other yoga teachers do one?

But I find most teachers who do use this strategy tend to deliver their newsletter online, through e-mail.

I don’t! Deliberately. Here’s why:

  • Everyone gets bombarded with far too many e-mails these days – sending out yet another –even if they like you – it’s unlikely to get read by all of your students. There’s just not enough time in the day…..
  • Your prospective readers are less likely to share the content of your newsletter – even if they do open it.
  • If they don’t open/read it regularly, you’re missing an opportunity to both build your credibility with your tribe AND ensure they know about everything you do and offer!

So, I write a printed newsletter every month. Branded. In colour. Just one sheet of A4 – with 3 columns about a specific theme related to yoga and the things I teach, and one column giving an update on classes and upcoming events/courses etc they might be interested in.

Yes – it costs me. I print it on decent paper – 160gsm.

Yes – it’s colour – so spend a bit on ink.

Yes, it takes me time every month to think of what to write. And yes, sometimes this can be tricky and I have writer’s block!! I might use Om magazine to give me some ideas or look through some of my library of yoga books for ideas.

But generally, I’ve got a pretty good idea what I want to write. Sometimes it’s prompted by things raised during classes – stuff students ask/worry about/show interest in. Sometimes it’s prompted by things I’m doing – so for example, when I’ve been on some training of my own, share things I’ve learned. And now, I’m on my 38 th newsletter, so I’ve kind of gotten into a flow which means I’m always coming up with ideas on the fly – so I keep a notebook of ideas that come to me – so there’s usually something there when I’m stuck!

True – I like writing! (See my blog, which I’m getting quite proud of!!)

BUT – it’s not that onerous once you get into a routine. And here’s WHY it’s worth the effort and the investment:


  • It’s different! There are quite a few yoga teachers in my town. Don’t think anyone else is doing this!
  • Students see you as more professional/credible.
  • They actually read it!!
  • They take it home – and some of them even keep them! (I’ve got students who ask me where the newsletter is and some students who have literally kept every single one in a file!)
  • They share it with friends! I’ve had long-standing, loyal students who came to me as a result of seeing a friend’s newsletter and talking about me over a coffee!
  • They see what other classes and courses I offer – so it prompts them to ask/enquire. It allows me to promote my courses, retreat days and update them on classes every month without feeling in the least bit “salesy.”

So why don’t you give it a try?

Good luck!



Actions you can take:

  • Let me know what YOU do to try to build loyalty amongst your students/ What’s worked/What hasn’t?
  • Join our FB group; share your thoughts on this article and your own experience of keeping students. What’s been the biggest challenge for you? Have a question about what others use/do? I’m sure the community will help! You’ll also get additional tips and answers to any questions you have on any topic around building your yoga business and developing your yoga career. So do join us!

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