Understanding “Forever choices” versus “Getting started choices”, and why this can catapult your yoga business to success more quickly.

Do you find it hard to make decisions in your yoga business?

You know, decisions over:

  • What your niche will be….
  • What your logo colours should be
  • What to write on your website
  • What domain name to pick for your website….. (seriously I’ve seen yoga teachers take weeks agonising over this!)
  • What price to price your classes at
  • What classes/courses to offer
  • What booking software to use
I could go on, but you get the picture!

The truth is, in any business, there are tons of decisions which need to be made, almost on a daily basis, and if, as many of us yoga teachers are, you are a “solopreneneur” – doing this all on your own, it can be a lonely place to be, with no-one to bounce ideas off, or guide you.

I get it.

Honestly I do.

But you have to know that the ability to make decisions quickly in business is crucial to your success; to building momentum and to growing your confidence and skills.

You also need to know that the slower your decision making process, the less money you will generate; and if, as most of us do, you need an income to pay the bills, that’s quite an important factor in your thinking!

The truth is, procrastination is a mind-set thing; it stems from how we think and feel. In my previous article, 5 Ways Yoga Teachers Procrastinate and Why it Hurts the Growth of their Business and Career, I talked about 5 patterns of thinking which cause us to procrastinate, which is worth taking a look at if you know this is an issue for you. Because once you’re aware of patterns of thinking which might hold you back, you can do something about it – it’s that yoga awareness thing again isn’t it?

So, if you recognise any of these procrastination patterns in yourself, here’s what I recommend you do to overcome it. In this article I want to try to help you see how you can change your mind-set to one which feels more comfortable around making decisions faster with something I learned from one of my mentors. It helped me – perhaps it will help you too…………..and it’s about understanding the difference between “Getting started choices” versus “Forever choices.”

Getting started choices versus forever choices and why understanding this can catapult your yoga business to success more quickly.

Did you know decision comes from a Latin root meaning to “cut off”. So literally, a decision is difficult because, by its very nature, once you make the decision between however many choices you have, you “cut off” the choices you decide against, and run with the choice you made.

And as humans that scares us!

What if we made the “wrong” choice?

What if it doesn’t work?

All of this is scary! And the more we think we “risk” the status quo, the scarier the decision becomes!

It’s as if, in our heads, if we “get this wrong”, it’s game over………but is that actually true?

Is your first draft website going to be your last?
Absolutely not!  As you grow, get to know your ideal students more and more, you’ll tweak it, change what you offer – and your website will reflect that.

Why is your head telling you it’s got to be perfect now when it’s NEVER going to be a “finished article"? Like most things in your business, it will change as you and your business does. It will respond to the needs of your target market that you begin to get better at understanding as you work with them.
All normal. All perfectly acceptable – in fact – that’s how it should be!

Can you change the domain name on your website if testing shows there might be a better name?

Can you tweak you offers/prices and courses as you get to know your students better and what they want?

Can you improve on the sequencing and ways you teach your students?
Of course!

But you can’t improve in a way that really hits the mark for your audience until you’ve tested it – on your audience!!

They are the only ones who can tell you if you’re on the right track. If you are – they’ll come back for more. If you’re not – they won’t.


The truth is, any business worth its salt is looking to constantly improve - and your yoga business should be no different.

So here’s the thing – if every decision you make is going to take you weeks or months of angst – how long will it take to start generating income?

Too long!!

Is the decision you make really final? No going back/scary final?

I doubt that!

Can you change or amend it based on the feedback you get from your real live students? (And I hope you‘re answering “Yes” to that! Because you can!)

So I want you to see every choice you make as a “getting started” choice.

A chance to just get moving; take action, and let your market tell you whether it works or not.

A chance to “test” your ideas in a small way, before you jump into any costly, bigger decisions.

A chance to allow yourself to accept whatever choices you make right now are NOT “forever” decisions that you’re going to have to live with for the rest of your life. Instead these “getting started” choices are opportunities to get yourself out there, try things on a small scale – find what works, and build from there.

Once you see these choices as “experiments”, somehow the angst that comes with feeling a “failure” if it doesn’t work out, disappears, because this was an experiment right? Do you know how many “experiments” Edison made before he created the light bulb?


Now I’m not expecting you to do the same! And if you find a mentor to help you on the journey, like most smart entrepreneurs do, you’re more likely to get there with less set-backs – but just know – part of this journey is about growth and stepping out of your comfort zone. There are some rites of passage we ALL have to go through! None of us get it right first time!!

The question is – do you want to stay in the comfort zone or give yourself a chance to expand and grow?

My guess is, if you’re a yogi, you’ll choose the latter.

So, as my mentor says……

Know that nothing you do as you try to build your business is ever failure. It's just "feedback" on your way to "awesome!"

So, create the best plan and services you can as you design your ideal yoga teacher career – KNOW it won’t be perfect, but it will get better in time and then just get stuck in and make things happen.

You might just amaze yourself!

Take those “get started decisions” now – there are very few “forever” decisions” in life anyhow!!  How cool is that?!

Good luck!



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