What Successful Yoga Teachers Do That Most People Won’t

What Successful Yoga Teachers Do That Most People Won't


This title comes from a quote I have above my desk, which isn't mine.

It's a quote from one of my business coaches - and it actually reads:

"Most successful entrepreneurs do what other people won't - so they can live like other people can't."

I used it a lot building my coaching business and it's still there, staring down at me from my desk today.

Every time I find myself wobbling, procrastinating, beating myself up or facing a setback, I look at that quote - remind myself WHY I wanted to be a yoga teacher; what kind of lifestyle I wanted to create for myself - and the fact that as an employee I would never have that option - and I start over.

As a passionate yogi, you've already created a discipline
which sets you apart from a LOT of other people.

You regularly hit the mat.

You regularly focus your mind as you move into each posture.

You calm the chattering, jittery mind as you become more mindful or meditate.

You've already learned some key skills you're going to need
if you're going to be a successful yoga teacher.

Don't underestimate your ability. And know this: the sad fact is, most people WON'T do what it takes to create the dream they talk about. They'll talk a lot - but they won't do what it takes.

Which means you've got a lot less competition than you think!
So, stick with it!



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