Why You Need To Practise Your Warrior Pose If You Want To Build Your Yoga Teacher Career

Why You Need To Practise Your Warrior Pose If You Want To Build Your Yoga Teacher Career

I’ve lost count of the times I’ve procrastinated from doing stuff I know would help me build my yoga career out of fear!!

Can’t tell you how many times cleaning the cat tray out seemed more inviting than sitting down and working on building my yoga business!

Because the truth is, FEAR rears its daunting head just about every time you need to do something which puts your head above the parapet.

You want to advertise your classes?

But your inner gremlins scream you’re not ready! You find reason after reason (excuse after excuse!) for things which need to be done first before you launch!

You want to get your website done –

But you’ve been sitting on it for weeks – or even longer, and it’s still not done!

You want to charge a fee for your services which means you can actually pay your bills.

But you feel REALLY uncomfortable asking for money…

There are literally going to be dozens – yes dozens of moments when you feel the fear - the truth is, those darned gremlins will rear their head every single step of the way! Actually – the fact they are there means you’re trying to grow!

Just don’t let them stop you!

I once learned a great anagram for FEAR:

Forget everything and run


Face everything and rise.

And this is where Warrior pose can help!

Be the warrior you are on the mat.

Stand firm. Stand strong. Breathe deeply – and stay focused.

And get help!!

Just like you do for your yoga – find a teacher and/or others who are on the same path as you. Let them support, encourage and champion you.

We ALL procrastinate.

We ALL feel fear.

Those who are successful are warriors who don’t let that stop them!

Good luck! Now go take action!    



Actions you can take:

  • Join our Yoginiors Facebook Group. This group is specifically for anyone interested in developing their yoga teacher career or business, so you’re in good company. Seriously – trying to build any kind of business or career is so much harder on your own. Find someone – even if it’s not me – who can help you move forward. Who believes in you and who has the skills you might lack right now to see the best way forward.

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