Are you the best kept secret in the yoga teacher world?

Here’s a fun, definitely unscientific, but possibly illuminating quiz for you!

Simply answer the following 5 questions with your immediate reaction….

  1. Do you consider yourself to be an introvert or an extrovert?
  2. Do you like to be noticed, or find yourself trying to hide in the background in social
  3. Do you feel it is “not yogic” to promote yourself too much in your yoga business?
  4. Do you tend to play down your achievements – anything else would be bragging?
  5. Does advertising your yoga classes and talking price for your services make you feel

If the whole idea of “being noticed,” promoting yourself and talking prices for your services makes you feel uncomfortable – you’re not alone!

Generally speaking, it would appear yoga teachers often have a hard time reconciling simplicity and being moderate (aparigraha) and the sense of humility and reducing the ego (Shaucha) with promoting themselves and their services, and asking for money for those services. For many there is a “disconnect” which means they hold back from promoting what they do and the help they can give to others.

Which is a shame.

Because, somewhere with a 10 mile radius of where you live right now there are people who would seriously benefit from what you have to offer as a yoga teacher.

People for whom learning to practise yoga could be life-changing for them – perhaps as it was for you.

But if those prospective students don’t know you exist, how are they supposed to find you? You become the “best kept secret” in the yoga world – which serves no-one; not you and certainly not the student.

How to avoid being the best-kept secret……………

  1. Instead of thinking of promoting or selling what you do as something negative you do to others, focus on what you KNOW they will gain by working with you.
    Write down on a piece of paper what you know students who work with you will gain.
    so perhaps it’s “greater flexibility”; “Feeling calmer and less stressed;” “reducing pain”;
    “helping them perform better as athletes” – and so on.
    Next to each benefit – write “so that”……and finish the sentence with something
    For example: “Students will gain more flexibility so that they can enjoy time with their
    And when you have finished – look at that list and remember YOU have the capacity to help them achieve that benefit.
  2. Recognise that this reluctance to promote yourself often comes from a whole set of deep-seated insecurities……………..
    Fear of not being good enough/experienced enough (And check out my article “What to do when yoga teacher imposter syndrome strikes!”)
    Fear you will be negatively judged. (Actually, you probably will meet some of that! In fact –the more you stick your head above the parapet, the more people see you – the more of a dead cert that will be!
    But we’re being assessed all the time every time we meet other humans! You do it to others – they do it to you! Get over yourself!
    Remember, you can NEVER please everyone! As long as you know you are giving of your best, and genuinely trying to serve the students in your community – that’s ALL you need to do.
    In fact, expect some people to knock you, or not like your style/classes – and know that’s OK! Let them go, not feeling inadequate, but just knowing that they were not a good fit for you – and be happy they are now free to find someone who is. If it’s done with malice or unpleasantness, recognise that is their issue – and if it’s not, ask yourself if there is a lesson there for you that you can learn.
    But don’t let others stop you from serving those who DO want to work with you and who will benefit massively from your teaching.
  3. Find your own authentic voice and take small steps to build your confidence.
    The truth is – every time you step out of your comfort zone and put your head above the parapet to promote what you do, you’re going to feel a little uncomfortable.
    But it is through working through that discomfort, and coming out the other side which will define your growth.
    You have a practice to share you know can be of benefit. Find a way of talking about what you do that comes from your heart – that is authentic, and which speaks to the students you would most like to serve. People can sense authenticity (and its opposite – sham) from a mile away! The more you just present who you are to the world, then more of the right people will be drawn to you, and the more confident in yourself and what you have to offer
    you will become.

    So – if you’ve been hiding behind the parapet for a while – stick your head up, look over at the landscape before you – and decide this is the time you’re going to come out of the shadows and make a difference!

Good luck!



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