​​​​My Story

44 years ago, whilst still a school teacher, I became a yoga teacher - teaching for 5 years before children, career and life generally meant I had to give up yoga teaching, but I still continued to practise regularly.

My love and appreciation of the benefits of yoga has only grown over the years, and I always knew I'd come back to teaching it. At almost 63 I realised the power of yoga to keep us fit as we age, so my teaching is solely focused on helping those in mid life and later years understand how yoga can help them maintain their health AND improve the quality of life for those suffering from the most common ailments associated with aging. Restorative, Yin and therapeutic yoga are of particular interest as a result. With my background in psychology and coaching, I find those skills extremely useful when I'm working with my students, and my vision for reaching as many older students as possible is massive! We can't do anything to turn back the clock - but we CAN influence how we age - and I want to spread the word to as many people as I can!

But making a career, or any form of sustainable income from your love of yoga is easier said than done. You may have found that too!

Which is where my experience of building a business and coaching comes in. At the age of 50, I gave up a well paid (golden cage kind of) job to set up on my own as a leadership coach working in the corporate world - and whilst it was a roller coaster, I built a successful business and learned a lot about marketing and business building along the way.

Most yoga teacher training schools give little or no help with the business side of being a teacher -
So here we are, the graduates - passionate about yoga - and dying to spread the word - but with little idea of where to start.

When I was on my own teacher training there were 13 of us - and I was the only one who had already got the halls booked to teach, the marketing sorted to advertise the new classes and a business plan ready. A number of that group would have really appreciated some help with the business side of things, and I realised this was perhaps something that was missing.

So this website and the setting up of the Facebook community was born out of seeing that need - and wanting to help.

As yogis we KNOW the importance of reflecting; of listening to our inner selves and acting in a way which is congruent with not only where we want to go but who we ARE.

I’d like to support you at BOTH the head/logical level AND the intuitive heart level. I’d like to help you build solid foundations which will help you build something meaningful for you. So if you've been dreaming of using your yoga skills and knowledge to make a difference, but you're struggling with the direction and actions you need to take to get started, then I may be able to help.

I look forward to "meeting" you.