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An 8 week course, suitable for ANY level student (even total beginners)
 starting Monday 26th April 
at  7pm
(A slightly extended course to take us through to hopefully what will be the re-commencement in June of face to face classes and a change in schedule for online and offline classes.)

This online course is every Monday at 7pm starting 26th April - £40
Live-stream yoga classes AND access to recordings if you can't make a session live.

This course is suitable for ANY level practitioner - even complete beginners and is ideal for you if:

  • Your life is sometimes too "full on" or feels stressful. 
  • You  would like to learn some really gentle stretches and breathing techniques to help you ease out stiffness and feel refreshed.
  • You're interested in learning a little more about relaxation and mindfulness techniques which can help you reach a deeper state of relaxation and ease.
  • You'd like to learn how to create your own "oasis" where you can re-charge and relax using yoga techniques and postures.

What to expect?
  1. All poses are floor based, using lots of support and gentle holds, to allow tight muscles to ease and the mind to relax.
  2. To learn a little more about mindfulness and meditation techniques to help the mind, as well as the body to deeply relax.

Recordings of all classes  will stay available for 2 weeks after the course ends; and get further support, or answers to questions either on the live-stream classes or through e-mail or phone.

Still not sure?  Get in touch if you'd like to ask a question.  

You can  contact me directly on or 07904 262877. 

How does this work?

  • Join a live-stream class with me every Monday for one hour at 7pm each week for 8 weeks.
    (Easy to access – if you’re a technophobe like me – I promise all you have to do is click a link and you’ll be able to join our “virtual” room!) 
  • Recordings of each class for you to view.. So, f you can’t make a session you’ll have access to an innovative space where all recordings will be stored! NO excuses for not getting on your mat! And you can replay these as many times as you like so you really start to remember the postures. These recordings will be available to view until 2 weeks after your course ends.
  • An innovative student platform area which not only stores all the recordings of the classes and  gives you some additional resources you might find interesting related to this topic, but which lets you track your progress too! Want to set yourself some personal goals in terms of your progress? You can with this platform!
  • Access to a Yoga over 45 Facebook community where we can continue to share inspirational or funny stories, post progress, ask questions and just keep in touch.
Access to 8 weeks of teaching, where you can attend all 8 classes, access the additional resources and view the recordings is £40.