Does the prospect of trying to build and develop your yoga teacher career feel daunting or overwhelming to you? Not sure where to start?

 Maybe you’ve tried in the past, but got disheartened when so few students came you had to cancel the classes and now you’re stuck – unsure where to go next?

I have a special invitation for you if you are serious about being a successful yoga teacher.

 Come and join me for a free 30 minute "Fill your yoga classes - personal strategy session"


In this free personal strategy session you will::

  • Get crystal clear about your vision for your yoga teaching career. (And it may NOT be what you think!!)
  • check
    Uncover obstacles that may be sabotaging your success.
  • check
    Develop your own personal action plan – so you know exactly what you need to focus on first to make your dream a reality.

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I really enjoyed my strategy session with Shona. She is a gifted coach and very clear, sensitive, understanding and compassionate.

She helped me to explore some of my fears and dreams and how to put a clear action plan in place to make some changes for the better whilst being mindful of practical reality and what I really want.

I felt so much more at peace and happy with my choices after our session, her warm hearted nature allowed me to really open up and be honest and get a load off my chest.

It is really helpful to have an experienced, empathic mentor like Shona who can also focus in on the details of how to become established as a yoga teacher in a smart way that works for you.

 Rhonda Roycroft

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