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Yes Shona! I want to join your 30 days to 30K as a yoga teacher coaching programme.

WARNING: This hugely discounted webinar special opportunity is ONLY available for


I realise when I sign up for this webinar attendees only offer here’s what I’m getting:

  • 4 weekly training modules ($397 value) 

    Lifetime access to 4 practical, no-fluff trainings delivered directly to your inbox to watch when it suits you; with workbooks and bonus materials so you can actually work through this proven system as you go along, and build your yoga business in the fastest possible time.
    If you implement the actions each week – by the end of week 4 – you could already be seeing dramatic shifts in your class attendances and numbers of enquiries.
  • Templates, checklists and examples of adverts, newsletters and other valuable tools
    (Value: $297)

    These valuable resources will not only help you understand how to attract new students but increase student retention too.
    No need for you to reinvent the wheel. You can take advantage of my 17 years of testing what works and what doesn’t and cut out the painful learning curve

  • Private online networking through 12 months membership of a closed Facebook group ONLY for students of this training. (Value: $1200)

    Post questions, share successes, and when you’re feeling low, challenged or losing heart – take comfort from being with a group who will support and encourage and believe in you.
    I and the members, will hold you accountable and help you move toward your goals.
  • BONUS 1: Access to 3 live Q&A coaching calls
    for 3 months from the date you sign up(Value: $197)

    Submit your question either pre-call or on the live call – and I will answer your question and coach you to help you move forward. Recorded if you can’t make them live.

    Really want to do this – but the thing holding you back is cash flow?

    Spread out the payments into 3 payments of $147.
  • BONUS 3: FOR ACTION TAKERS! (Value $100)

    Take the training, implement what you learn and send in your story of what you have done, and what has worked for you.

    Every month, I’ll choose one student who I think has really shown they have made progress, and they will receive a $100 rebate. 


(With NO Q&A coaching calls, no 3 part payment option and no bonus for action takers.)

Webinar special offer price:
$3 x 147
Click here to pay 1 x $397


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Following your teaching I advertised 3 classes…and had 9 new students! I looked round my class and felt so grateful. Everyone fit my ideal student avatar.

Shona, I cannot thank you enough and I am 100% certain that investing in the 30 days to 30K course has already paid for itself in so many ways.It just demonstrates how things can turn around so quickly.

Dora Longman

What a wonderful training! This programme helps us to find the actual people to teach and makes it possible to earn well enough from teaching so we don't burn out quickly from teaching too many hours a day or being forced to abandon our dream to earn more money. Thank you Shona!

Eshranie Toban

Truly grateful for the opportunity of this course.It's helped to put so much into perspective from a business stand point and more importantly in my personal development.  It's definitely transformed my mindset from a 'hobby to a business' mentality. The homework always got the juices flowing, found the exercises thought provoking and enjoyed experimenting with 'what ifs...' these for me were the most creative time - thank you Shona!

Jo Coleman

Shona. thanks again for sharing your wisdom. I know you said I shouldn’t start marketing my classes until the New Year but... I’ve filled 2 of them already!! The niche has really worked. It’s made me stand out from the competition and attracted the people I want to reach.