Yoga Teacher Programme

Are you?

  • A newly qualified yoga teacher – passionate; keen and wanting to get out there and share the benefits of this amazing practice with others so they can benefit too – but totally overwhelmed with where the heck to start to make it work?
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    An existing yoga teacher – working part time (maybe for a pittance) hustling for cover or work at local gyms or studios , and feeling taken advantage of?
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    Have you tried setting up your own classes – but you just can’t get the numbers to make it viable, leaving you feeling disheartened and losing confidence?
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    Were you hoping your yoga teacher qualification would get you out of your current job and help put food on the table and pay your bills – but find that’s simply not happening?
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    Or are you passionate about yoga – but not even qualified yet – thinking about investing what could be thousands of pounds into a yoga teacher training course?

Then I have something which just might make the difference that makes a difference.

My 30 days to 30k as a Yoga Teacher Programme

How to generate between £1500 and £4000 per month as a yoga teacher; in less than a year; with no “icky” selling, and teaching no more than 9 classes a week.

What will this course give you?

A simple step by step process to follow to help you get REALLY clear about the best strategy for YOU PERSONALLY – which will play to your strengths and differentiate you from the competition.

The truth is – yoga teacher training schools are churning out thousands of yoga teachers every day! Your teacher training may have been brilliant – but in my experience, most of them just want you to pay to learn yoga but not how to then use the new skill you’ve just gained! That’s a hell of a lot of investment – if you’re not actually going to get that money back!!

I’m presuming if you’re reading this – you were kind of hoping you might be able to do something with that skill they taught you!!!

A business blueprint which will work around your life – as well as give you an income

You DON'T have to give up work-life balance – but this is about getting smart and having a plan! And if you don’t want to earn £30k, have no intention of leaving your job, (at least for now!) but just would like to build your confidence promoting and filling your own classes instead of lining other people’s pockets – then this is for you too!

A way of attracting students to your offerings which means you don’t feel like you’re having to hustle for business.

Don’t like “selling”? This will show you how to ATTRACT rather than PUSH for students to come to your classes.

A way of building loyalty – so your students come back time and time again.

If you’ve taken the time to attract those students – you want to keep them! Far easier than constantly being on the desperate look out for new students. Learn how to build relationships, commitment and a sense of community within your tribe so –they wouldn’t want to go anywhere else!

A way of building consistent income – instead of the “feast-famine”, will I have enough to pay the bills syndrome at the end of every month

If you’re still just charging drop in price – you have a lot to learn from this course!! Learn how flexibility and imaginative pricing can keep your cash flow more consistent AND bring you “bumper” months.

A way of building your own self-confidence – giving you a firm foundation upon which you could scale, grow or expand – SHOULD YOU WANT TO.

It’s not easy to stand up in front of a group of people you don’t know and teach – especially when you’re new to it. And there’s NO point pushing yourself to start retreats and other fancy stuff when you haven’t even bedded in and honed your skills. The more you teach – the more confidence you’ll get – and then you can branch out and fly – if that’s what you choose! You’re in charge!!

For those of you not yet qualified – this might just help you make up your mind if you really DO want to invest thousands in teacher training if you don’t really want to teach!

Seriously guys, if all you want to do is deepen your practice and you’re not ready to take the steps I teach in this course – then you could save yourself thousands!! Try a yoga retreat instead!!

And finally – yes – a way of generating over £30k a year teaching no more than 9 classes a week.

Is this some made up figure just to sell a course? No. I’ve done this.


What will this course NOT give you?

No – You won’t make 30k in 30 days!! Sorry! Wish I could wave my magic wand for you but you’re yoga teachers! You know it takes time to practice and develop and grow! There WILL be actions you need to take but what I DO know, is if you follow the steps I teach in this course you have FAR more chance of success and actually making that a reality for you.

So who the heck am I?

Yoga fan and practitioner for over 40 years!

Re-trained at 62 – started my business at 63 and now 66 years old!

NOT young, super bendy (though not bad for 66!!) or into power yoga _ BUT passionate about growing old but NOT infirm!

Started small – transitioning from my coaching business to my yoga business. Tested and grew my tribe – but quite quickly!!

Yoga is now my only income – and this year I am on track to hit £35,000 teaching no more than 9 classes a week for just (for 4 months just 4 classes a week – with between 4 to 8 weeks off a year)

Grown in confidence – now in middle of writing my own book; helping other yoga teachers – like you – running successful retreat days which are fully pre-reserved months before the next date – and building new online offerings for both students and yoga teachers.

I’m not special. I’m just someone who had a dream, rolled up her sleeves and did what I could to make it happen.
And you could too.

Why am I doing this?

  • To see if I can! (Have you ever worked on a yoga pose which seems impossible for you just because you wanted to see if you could do it?!)
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    Because I’m on a mission – to bring yoga to FAR more people than I ever could do on my own. If I help even 100 yoga teachers who then teach 100 students – I’ve reached ten thousand people! How cool is that?!!
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    Because I’m getting just a bit fed up of seeing so many expensive yoga training courses churning out would be yoga teachers with VERY little in the way of helping those new graduates with how to build their career with their new skills.

So what will you learn?

Over 4 course modules you will learn:

Webinar 1: the 7 key steps to building a thriving yoga career AND your confidence.

On this training your will learn:

  • The 3 biggest mistakes I see yoga teachers make when they’re getting started.
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    An overview to the 7 key steps you need to take – IN THE RIGHT ORDER – to launch and fill your yoga classes right from the start. 
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    Why advertising of ANY sort – be it social media, setting up your website, doing flyers or even what you say to people when they ask you “what do you do?” should NEVER be done until step 6 of the 7!
    (And believe me – over 90% of yoga teachers get this horribly wrong! Which puts YOU at an advantage!)

Webinar 3: How to price and create a successful launch of your classes

On this training your will learn:

  • How your mind-set around money can keep you poor – and what you need to do about it!
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    5 BIG mistakes I see around pricing
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    Why I don’t endorse free taster sessions – and why you shouldn’t too. (There are other ways you can give back.)
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    Why community and personal service can help you increase your value and support higher prices.
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    The two types of launch – and which one you MUST avoid!
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    5 key ingredients for a successful launch of a new class.
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    How to write adverts/website copy or any other promotional material which works!!!

Webinar 2: How to attract the students you were meant to serve; fill your classes quickly and have them coming back for more!

On this training your will learn:

  • Digging in to the mind-set of success. Creating your Sankalpa – and learning your WHY.
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    Why people don’t buy yoga – and what they buy instead!
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    Why you must niche – and how to find yours!
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    How to attract students instead of feeling like you have to push to promote your classes. The art of positioning instead of chasing or prospecting.
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    How to create your student “avatar” – the key to EVERYTHING you will say from now on!!
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    An introduction to pricing – some keys to getting it right.
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    It’s OK to dream – but let’s get real too!
    Why you need to reverse engineer your business – and how to do that quickly and esily.
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    Tips for finding spaces to teach.

Webinar 4: Advertising your yoga classes for success and preparing to grow your business AND your confidence!

On this training your will learn:

  • 5 secrets to successful advertising
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    6 low or no cost ways to advertise your classes
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    Creating your website – some key tips.
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    5 ways to build loyalty
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    Becoming professional in your business – the systems and processes you need to get in place up front.
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    Key tips on where to get support in your business as and when you grow.

If you implement the things you learn on this course you COULD be ready to launch classes which attract students in time for the new year resolutions and start 2019 on a really positive footing!


As a new Yoga teacher this training taught me all the things that I wish I had known before I launched my Yoga business. Shona's style of teaching really suited me and I could see that she had put a tremendous amount of work into the course to make it valid and valuable. The training with actions to take between each recording gave me focus and practical advice that I could implement between sessions, I really looked forward to them each week and appreciated the support of the Facebook group in between recordings. I now have the confidence, skills and tools to take my business forward in the direction I want it to go and have no doubt that I can be successful as a Yoga teacher and earn a sustainable income that's fits around my lifestyle. Thankyou Shona and my fellow learners.

Louise Johnson 

The 30 days to 30k Programme

Get all of these tools and trainings to build your Yoga Career

  • Lifetime access to the recordings of ALL the modules
  • Copies of all the slides
  • The workbooks which accompany each module. All workbooks include notes and exercises for you to complete that will help you move forward.
  • Access to a facebook community membership group where you'll get:
  • Amazing peer support
  • Targeted feedback from me
  • Help keep up the momentum and motivation - no need to feel isolated or like you have to do this on your own.

This is the closest you'll get to 1-1 and group support without the price tag.


  • Examples of real life adverts I have used which have worked for me.
  • A simple online calculator to help you work out if the money you would like to earn from teaching is actually viable – and how many students you would need to make that happen.
  • Examples of my newsletters I use to help build loyalty with my students.
  • A template/checklist to help you run a successful yoga retreat day.
  • A resources list to help you consider:
  • Class Booking software
  • Book-keeping help
  • E-mail service providers to help you build your list
  • Virtual assistants – why they’re worth their weight in gold – and how to find them.



Is this worth it?

Yoga teacher training probably cost you at least $3000 plus.

But it probably didn’t help you much with how to actually go about earning a living with your new skill so you could actually recoup that investment.

I KNOW that the steps I teach in this programme work – I’m living proof of that. And I’m still doing it! I’m still in there, with my sleeves rolled up – positively impacting the lives of hundreds of students who have come to my classes over the last 3 years – and who continue to come, tell their friends and benefit from developing their own practice.

I also know that I’m no guru; I’m no Om magazine front cover model, nor am I like the stylised yogi models you see plastered all over Instagram these days!

And I hope that inspires you!

Because becoming a successful yoga teacher is NOT about those things. It’s about loving yoga; caring about making a difference; and being just a little bit smarter than your average yoga teacher in terms of business savvy.

Your teacher training may have cost you thousands –
but this course and a $497 outlay could MAKE you thousands – in as little as a few months.

Frequently Asked Questions:

I haven’t taken my yoga teacher training yet – but am considering it. Would this course be helpful?

Will this course help me if I want to set up my own yoga studio?

Is there any other support with this course?

Incredible Value 

Get all of these tools and video trainings to help build your Yoga Teaching Career



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