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How to add years to life - and life to years.

How can we age and stay feeling full of the same energy and vibrancy we had in our 20's and 30's?

How can we retain, or even improve our flexibility, strength and balance
DESPITE advancing years?

Take some  time out of your busy life this summer
 and let me take you on a journey to learn  how yoga and a little know-how could significantly improve your energy, mobility and vibrancy as you age. 

Join me for a  summer series of yoga workshops/retreat days over a 6 week period. 
(and a challenge if you're up for it!)
Up to 3 retreat days you can attend over those 6 weeks.
(Where you can get away from it all and simply focus on you for a change.)

Who is this for?

  • Suitable for ANYONE who is already feeling some effects of ageing or who is serious about doing what they can to maintain, or even improve their health for as long as possible. 

  • Learn key yoga techniques and movements you could easily incorporate into a simple health routine, which would not only ensure you stave off the aches and pains often associated with getting on a bit, but which could actually transform how you feel and move, in more ways than one! (And see how just 15 minutes 3 or 4 times a week could seriously transform your health, not just physically, but mentally and emotionally too, for the better!)

  • This is NOT just a yoga class spread out over a whole day!

    Each day is a coaching session too! (Six hours of yoga would be a bit too much anyhow wouldn't it?! ) You'll dive deeper into some of the latest research on ageing, the psychology of ageing well and how to use the tools and techniques of yoga to support a healthy body and mind WELL into later life.

     Learn not just which yoga moves you might benefit from incorporating most, and have a chance to practice them, but learn WHY they are so important as we age.  You'll get handouts/deeper teaching behind the increasing science which is revealing the power of yoga techniques for longevity and health, and you'll be encouraged to reflect on and set your own health goals. 

  • I want you to come away with far more than you would from just a yoga class or a spa day.

    I want you to walk away not only feeling revitalised and with your own personal health plan, I want to share some of the psychology behind how to stay motivated to keep up your chosen new and healthier habits so you defy the stereotype of getting older and live life to the full for as long as possible. 

There are 3 days in total - designed to take students on a complete journey  BUT I totally understand either time or financial constraints might mean you can only attend 1 day - and that is fine. 

Each day will stand on its own. Each day will help you reflect; set personal goals, practise a range of yoga postures and techniques, and hopefully inspire and motivate you to step up and commit to joining me as ninja yoga warriors, defying the years and thriving!



DAY 1: SATURDAY 23RD JULY - 10am till 4 pm        Holding back the years - the keys to staying fitter and stronger, for longer.

  • Discover 7 key areas of health to focus on to thrive as we age and take an honest self-assessment of your own health score right now.
  • 6 myths about ageing you need to know!
  • Learn why your biological and attitudinal ages are more important than your chronological age.
  • Understand the 4 "S"'s  of retaining youthfulness and vigour that yoga can support.
  • Set your intention for the next 6 weeks - whether you come to days 2 or 3 or not - are you willing to take small steps to create at least 1 new habit which will serve you?
  • Learn some simple10-15 minute yoga sequences which could transform your mobility, energy and mood, (whatever your level), and commit to incorporating this into your routine at least for the next 6 weeks and see what happens.

Cost for the single day £55 (Add a nutritious vegan/veggie lunch £65)
If you'd like to attend more than one day there is a discount for 2 days or for booking all 3. See below.

DAY 2: SATURDAY 6TH AUGUST - 10am till 4 pm   REVERSE THE CLOCK! A deeper dive into the 4 "S"'s of a longer, healthier and happier life.

Becoming an "advanced" student of yoga is not, as my more experienced students already know, about being able to do more challenging yoga poses worthy of Instagram posts! Nor is it about how long you've been practising yoga.
It's MUCH more holistic than that. It's about taking the health of your body seriously enough to give it the best chance of living a full, rich and happy life. So in this day you will cover:

  • How yoga teaches us to be "body-wise."
  • A deeper dive into the importance of breathing in yoga.
  • Why our commitments to changing our lifestyle can sometimes falter - and a specific meditation/mindfulness technique which might just help you both understand how our emotions sabotage us and how we might overcome that.
  • 2 deeper sequences for the spine and core.
  • 2 deeper sequences for balance and flexibility.
  • A look at how to eat to support longevity, strength and energy. This is not about radical change necessarily - but raising our awareness a little more and making simple SUSTAINABLE tweaks which will support the new, healthier you!
  • How to be your own health coach! A brief look at the psychology behind creating lasting change and a template for your own personal health plan. 

Cost for the single day £55 (Add a nutritious vegan/veggie lunch £65)
If you'd like to attend more than one day there is a discount for 2 days or for booking all 3. See below.

DAY 3: SATURDAY 20TH AUGUST: Changing the habits of a lifetime.

Have you ever struggled to lose weight or succeeded only to regain that weight or more? Ever started an exercise regime but can't seem to keep it up?
Do you start out with good intentions about changing some aspects of your lifestyle which you know would really help serve you, but somehow you find yourself slipping back into old habits?

It's easy to blame yourself - with phrases such as "I just can't seem to get motivated" or "I'm not disciplined enough," but blame doesn't help anyone. I'm a big believer in understanding the science behind this apparent inability to make lasting change; to raise awareness of how we "self-sabotage" and why, and to learn some simple techniques which can heLp you replace habits which don't serve you with those that do! 

I've spent years studying the psychology behind motivation (and trying out a range of techniques myself) and I've found - whilst there's no "one size fits all" in terms of how we make lasting changes, there are some fundamental psychological mechanisms behind what motivates us, and there's tons of research into what helps strengthen our motivation.

So, on this retreat,  we'll go deeper into the psychology of motivation and you'll have an opportunity to really think about what's held you back before and how you might give yourself a better chance of success going forward.

4 key words guide this day: (You'll find there's a LOT more to words and language than we may realise when it comes to motivation!)

    Feeling ready and energised for change.
    And we consider poses which help us energise and see the world differently! (So get ready for inversions! NO matter what your level, there are a range of inversions which can help you change how you view things!)
    Getting clearer about what might help you to stay motivated to maintain your health plan long term. 
    And we consider how flowing sequences can help re-vitalise sluggish bodies and save us from slipping into lethargy and old habits!
    Learning how to become better connected to your deeper "why."
    And we consider how mindfulness, and learning some simple self-coaching techniques, can keep us connected to our why when we feel we are losing the plot!
    This is all about taking what you learn and trying different techniques then once you find something that works committing to making small but consistent changes to your lifestyle which will serve you for years to come. 
    This is about integrating what works for YOU. I'll share as much as I can - take what helps and disregard what doesn't! 

Cost for the single day £55 (Add a nutritious vegan lunch £65)
If you'd like to attend more than one day there is a discount for 2 days or for booking all 3. See below.

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Want to join 2 or 3 days?

I realise in this climate of rising costs what we choose to spend needs to be more carefully considered than ever, and I've tried to make this as affordable as possible. There may be other things you could do to support your health and well-being and  it comes down to a choice about what might be most beneficial for you right now.

I do know a typical day or weekend at a spa with a couple of treatments would probably  cost the same or more than this - but perhaps the impact on your health is likely to be short lived? 

A recent 2 hour visit to my hairdresser was more than a 6 hour retreat with me, and she's done a great job, but will that really help me improve my health and well-being long term? 

I KNOW the techniques and knowledge shared in these days can genuinely transform our well-being if we are just willing to learn and take small action steps. For me - working on my health is an investment which pays me back in dividends over and over, and I hope you see it that way too.  

So - if you are someone who would like to attend more than a single day of these 3, I'd like to offer a discount as follows:

  • 2 days no lunch: £105  (Saving £5)
  • 2 days plus lunch: £120 (Saving £10)

  • 3 days no lunch: £150   (Saving £15)
  • 3 days plus lunch: £175 (Saving £20)


My tech systems are simply not able to cope with the flexibility I try to offer students! So if you would like to attend more than one day, please e-mail/ring or speak to me at class to let me know and which dates you want to attend.

I will add you manually to the system and you can either pay cash at class or through direct debit to secure your place.

PLEASE NOTE: No place secured until payment is made. No refunds unless given enough advance warning to be able to try to replace with another student.

ANY QUESTIONS? Contact me at
07904 262877 

Perhaps I will see you on the mat this summer?